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Standard Machines

Our Machines are of good standard

Long-standing Company

Our motto is to preserve what is tried and tested and to evolve wherever necessary. We lead the company across generations and thus bundle innovation and experience.

Our comprehensive service

Through our many years of international operations, we are specialized in the entire commercial, technical and logistical processing.

Trust and Quality

We are a trusted Global Company, We deliver Quality, Our word is our bond.

Cornerstones of our actions

Our actions continue to be based on openness, partnership, fairness and integrity.

International Services

Our services regarding the trade with used printing machines include: dismantling, packaging, storage and transport, installation, repairs and overhauls, machine instruction, and interim financing.

Dismantling & Installation

We offer services of dismantling and installation of machines and equipment.

About Us

Training of Buyers Pressmen & Staff

A training schedule is provided for your pressmen with the corresponding manuals provided.

Our Services

Our Passion for Printing Machines

is to preserve what has been tried and tested and to develop something new. We manage the fate of the company across generations and thus bundle innovation and experience. A young, excellently trained, international team and the use of the latest communication technologies enable us to demonstrate the efficiency of our company to you at any time.

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Who We Are

Multigraphics, Inc supplies a wide variety of used, trade-in, late model presses to meet your current needs. Established in 2000 with 22yrs of experience selling quality used printing machinery, we utilize a variety of resources in order to stay up to date with current equipment and technology changes. Please contact us on your equipment that no longer fits into your production needs.

Quality Policy

Multigraphics Inc as a company is dedicated to the sales, training, installation, and servicing of printing machines and accessories. It is committed with the following statements in order to assure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

  • PROVIDE Products and services.
  • FULFILL the requirements.
  • ESTABLISH resources.
  • SUPPORT the exportation.
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